OOTD: Sammydress parka coat

A while ago I was contact by Sammydress, if I was interested in doing a collaboration with them! I took a look at their webshop and I found some items I really loved, but was a bit shocked by the low prices. Wondering if the quality was okay, I decided to check it out and agreed for a review!

I had an instant crush on this army green parka. The story with me and parka coats is endlessly. I’ve been searching for a perfect one since last winter and decided to let it go, a parka just wasn’t for me. All I could find were dirtbag looking jackets, way too big or way too ugly. When I saw this one, with the fluff inside, I was in love. Not sure about the ‘V’ back, I decided to go for it anyway!
Last week I received this beauty (had to wait inpatiently for about a month), and I’ve been wearing it all week, so I already have an idea about the quality and thickness of this wintercoat.

First of all, the fit is great. Although this coat only comes in one size, it fits perfectly. (I would say it’s a size Small). The quality is pretty okay for only 13,26 euro (say what?). It isn’t really detailed or anything, but pretty plain and green! I love the lenght of this coat, it’s long enough to pull over my butt behind, so perfect for conquering the cold! I already know I will wear this alot to go to work and walk to my office! Since all my other winter jackets have no hood, I love the fact that this one has a fluffy hood! As for the ‘V’ shaped back, I don’t mind it at all, and I think it makes this coat extra special.
It’s safe to say the quality is surprisingly good for the price you pay. May not be as good as an expensive brand, but I do like it alot! (On the other hand, my more expensive buys didn’t always last that long either). Be sure to check out Sammydress for other awesome pieces!
The New York Glam sweater is a recent Mango buy, which I completely love too! Love the sequin letters! Topped it off with a H&M necklace.
I found this tartan scarf during sales at Sting. The hairpins are from Hema!
My MK golden rose watch and my beloved trangle bracelet from Boutique Minimaliste!
What you do guys thing of my parka?

Pictures by my bestie Sara!

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